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Title: Mohave Mambo 
Author: Colleen Rae
Publisher: Wordrunner Press
Release Date: 2009
ISBN: 978-1-931002-78-3
Length: Novel
Format: Print
Genre: Contemporary
Source: A
Sensuality Level: 2.5
Rating: 4

Reviewed by: Teagan S. Boyd
An exotic dancer, Lola Raines is on the run from the mob after witnessing her boyfriend’s murder in Las Vegas. She has nowhere to go but far away and fast. She jumps in her VW bug, Betsy, and literally drives off into the sunset only to find herself in a small town in Arizona. Luck has it that a job as a bartender falls right into her lap. Not only does she find a job, but she finds herself a cowboy to fall in love with. Along with new friends, she meets a few enemies along the way. Unfortunately the mob doesn't like loose ends, and Lola doesn't realize danger is on its way to find her.

Reviewed by: LJ Hipler

Mohave Mambo was a surprise. The storyline is complex with numerous issues happening at once; the author keeps the reader on track with her ability to define each subject as it occurs. The story moves along nicely, though I found myself easily distracted as I waited for the plot to unfold.

Lola is a strong, well-written character. Her ability to overcome adversity is the strong point of the story. Her life lessons are harsh, yet she still lives life to the best of her ability. I think many women could take lessons from her. I felt her pain with the descriptive story. I found myself drawn to her and wanted her happiness.

Billy is a completely different issue. He is an interesting character, but will have the reader unsure of his real agenda.

I found the ensuing relationship between Lola and Billy a bit disturbing and had a difficult time relating to the attraction personally. Though yet another lesson is to be learned here.

The secondary characters make the story complete. From true evil to truly pitiful with a healthy dose of compassion, these characters add a great dimension to the story.

My reaction to this book was mixed. The amount of "touchy" subjects that were broached was possibly more than I was comfortable with, yet the author does a fine job of tying them into the story for a purpose. The dramatic tone of the book was offset by the pursuit of happiness and the devil-may-care attitude of Lola. It would be nice to see more of Lola in a future book.

Ms. Rae isn't predictable, and her writing is unique: this makes her an author to keep an eye on for future reading material.

Mohave Mambo is a wild, non-stop ride with exotic dancer, Lola Raines on the run in the American South West. But while the story is fast moving, Ms. Rae presents us with a vivid picture of life in that desert area, and a cast of complex and very human characters who will surprise you again and again. If there’s a sequel, I’ll be among the first to buy it.